The Power of Purpose A key theme of Viktor E Frankl’s classic book Mans Search for Meaning is the importance of purpose in our lives. A psychiatrist and holocaust survivor, Frankl was a long-time prisoner in the Nazi Concentration camps. Frankl and his fellow prisoners lived under barbaric conditions of daily torture, near starvation and...
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Wellbeing in the Workplace Contrary to what you may think this article isn’t about baking, nor is it about cake but rather wellbeing in the workplace. Puzzled at what this has to do with cake…read on. It’s a sad fact that too often efforts to improve wellbeing in the workplace are icing on the cake rather...
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The Curse of Perfection All or nothing thinking Black or white decision making Doing things perfectly or not at all Is striving for perfection really a problem? Surely doing one’s best is commendable? Perfectionist tendencies are something I see a lot of in my work. This habit of striving for perfection is more common in...
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