3C’s Personalised Career Support

My personalised 1:1 career support  is all about the Three Cs’—Clarity, Confidence and Change. It will:

  • Give you clarity on what you really want, so you can create a career and life you love.
  • Build your self-belief and confidence as you step out of your comfort zone
  • Motivate you to take the required actions to make your desired changes


Working with you on a 1:1 basis, I combine career coaching with powerful personal development and transformation change techniques including Neuro-Lingual Programming (NLP) to help you make your desired changes.

Together, we’ll tease out what excites you and what you would love to do going forwards whilst keeping in mind what’s important to you in your professional and personal life. You’ll learn how to:

  • Focus on achieving your identified goals while remaining flexible and open to opportunity.
  • Let go of stress and replace this with inner calm and confidence to embrace your professional growth and development over the coming months.
  • Pace yourself so you progress at a rate that is right for you while carrying out quick-win actions sooner to whet your appetite for more.
  • Put in place highly effective techniques for maximising use of your time.
  • Take a holistic approach to your desired changes to ensure balance and fulfilment across your whole life.


My bespoke tailored career support includes:

  • Regular 1 hour one-to-one Zoom sessions for deep intensive coaching, support and accountability. These sessions help you keep on track with your actions, reviewing where necessary to make your desired changes happen.
  • Supporting material including top tip sheets and recommended resources. 
  • Weekly feedback reporting combined with email support to keep you focused and committed and ensure progress and momentum between sessions.

The programme is available over a 3 or 6 months period with sessions taking place online.   


I know the pain of feeling trapped in a job you detest—and the joy of getting up each morning to do a job you adore. From Economics to Software Engineering and Human Resources, I’ve changed career many times to build a rich tapestry of skills and experience. I’ve worked for large companies and individual clients. I’ve set up two businesses, with all the tasks that requires—from marketing and IT to web design and social media. I now work when I want, where I want and doing work I love.

All this experience has resulted in a unique mix of skills and knowledge, gain from both HR (including recruitment) and coaching both in the corporate world and privately. I’ve coached at all levels, from students and new graduates to professionals and directors, as well as providing leadership and public speaking coaching. I use these skills to help clients achieve excellent, even incredible, results—and my clients are happy to share their success with others.

To find out more, get in touch today.

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