Home working How well have you adjusted to working from home – or is more a case of living from work? We never expected it to go on this long. A few weeks turned into months and we still thought normality would return. Makeshift desks were set up. Behind the scenes piles of crumpled clothes and...
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Chance for Change

Changing Behaviours  The last six months have been a rocky ride to say the least. We’ve experienced changes we’d never in our wildest dreams have imagined – complete 180 degree previously unthinkable behaviour shifts.  Big saving on takeaway lunches and spending on handgel – ‘what no daily Pret!’ A more civilised start to the day...
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Assessing your finances during lockdown

This month Chartered Financial Planner Gemma Wood takes the helm on my blog to helps us take control of our finances in these unprecedented times. Based in Edinburgh, Gemma helps clients make a financial plan so they can focus on the more important things – like enjoying life! From financial worries to financial control Our...
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