‘I don’t want to do this forever’

That’s what people tell me. They tell me of their regular 3 or 4am waking with work on their minds. They tell me about using food (or wine) as comfort at the end of stressful days. And of feeling anxious and trapped at their thought that this is it.  

Lawyers, teachers, small biz owners, returners, doctors and project managers  

…are just a few of the people I help.

Many are busy, overstressed professionals who’ve had enough of work consuming their life. Often juggling work and family, they find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted, their own needs last in the queue.  

Often knowing they want to do something different but having no idea what, frustrated by work culture or relationships or just knowing they’re in the wrong job, they:

  • Want more from their work than the money 
  • Value their time 
  • Value their health and happiness

Is this it?’. ‘Is this me until the end of my working days’. If you can relate, book a free online coffee chat here and let’s talk.