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How well have you adjusted to working from home – or is more a case of living from work?

We never expected it to go on this long. A few weeks turned into months and we still thought normality would return. Makeshift desks were set up. Behind the scenes piles of crumpled clothes and empty coffee cups were quickly replaced with Zoom background pictures of tropical beaches (we wish!). The lucky ones had a kitchen table. A low coffee table with Joe Wicks on in the background was the norm for many. Work sprawled over a comfy bed and wrapped in a duvet was the choice of some.

You can get away with these make-do work setups for a while but seven months on with no near end in sight and think back pain, eye strain, weakened tight muscles and more.

WFT or LFW – which one are you?

We’ve got used to wfh (working from home) but is the reality for many actually lfw (living from work)?  Is your day all merging into one? From breakfast to work, short break for lunch, a hurried dinner before returning to…wait for it, your computer?

  • How has it been for you?
  • What’s your not-so-temp work set up like? 
  • Would it horrify a physio? 

How many steps?

Normally most of you would start your working day with some form of commute. Whist this has been one thing many people haven’t missed, it does mean that bed-to-work travel often comprises of only a few steps.

We’re told to look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Steps are a bit like this with Fitbit users often surprised at the steps they clock up in their working day without any formal exercise or activity. For many, the homeworking steps counter shows a different picture. When your working day now consists of your ‘home office’ to kitchen cupboards and back, it’s not hard to see how we seriously lack movement in our day. 

Too much sitting

Too much sitting and time at a screen add to the potential health hazards of our new home working. If this all sounds like gloomy, it needn’t. The first step to improving things is awareness and I think I’ve done a pretty good job on this here! 

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Working from home has lots of benefits. A bit of prior thought and planning of your workspace and working day will leave you in a healthier position to enjoy it.

Ps Did you notice I haven’t even mentioned workwear!!

Pps Feel free to share this with anyone you know who might benefit! 🙂 

“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life”

Hilary Clinton

News and Updates

Do you know a young person who is struggling?

Leaving home and going off to further education is a big enough change for young people without the added stress of Covid restrictions. Those early months can be an unsettled and challenging time with many feeling alone and isolated.

For older students and recent graduates, the current stagnant job market offers different worries. Facing rejection after rejection, it doesn’t take long before their confidence disappears and they being to doubt themselves and their chances of getting work.

My online Breakthrough Session offers young people renewed confidence and a clear plan of action to focus and follow through on. Any reticence before their session has always been replaced with renewed confidence and hope. 

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